Goldie Blox : Toys for Future Innovators

goldie-blox-engineering-for-girlsI am of the thought that people should develop interest and experience in as many subjects as possible. To that end, for girls anyway, products that inspire them to build and solve engineering products are in short supply. I recently read an article about how the company Goldie Blox won an ad at this year’s Superbowl. Goldie Blox makes this exciting story/engineering play set, shown on the right, tailored for girls.

Sure, there are alternatives. Let’s use Lego blocks as an example. Lego blocks initially are only about making something from instructions or making something from your imagination. Lego blocks leave creative problem solving completely up to the kid/parent to define both the problem and the solution. The thing about Goldie Blox is that there is a story along with the building set. It is the story that takes your kid through the design process. It is a really neat idea.   Goldie Blox does not solve the problem right away, she has to think about it and figure out the solution. Lego will always have its place, but I cannot wait for my girls to be old enough to use this set.

Chris Astefanous

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